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This article will provide information about PC gaming on the UNH Wireless Network.



PC Gaming and its associated problems have been a known issue on campus since UNH resident halls went 100% wireless in the summer of 2016. Because of the nature of the wireless medium and the connection stability needs of online game servers, we cannot guarantee flawless latency or lag-free gaming experiences in res halls. In the fall of 2021, UNH introduced a pilot program in Stoke Hall for gamers who wish to utilize Ethernet ports for their devices. More info can be found under "Hall Themes" on the Stoke Hall dorm information page .

For the best possible wireless performance, UNH strongly recommends all wireless gaming devices (PC, consoles, etc.) use the 802.11ac or newer wireless protocols and connects to the 5GHz band. We also recommend home built PCs try utilizing a USB adapter on their machines rather than the internal NIC card because the UNH enterprise network behaves much differently than the home network. UNH recommends this USB 802.11ac Wireless Network Adapter  for those users. No two gaming sessions are alike, so UNH IT will work with students to optimize their connections and gaming experiences.

NOTE: If you are having connectivity or performance issues, you may contact the UNH Help Desk at or submit a ticket on the "Report An Issue" web form.

Please include the following when requesting assistance:

  1. MAC address of device
  2. Device operating system (OS)
  3. Your physical location (i.e. dorm building)
  4. Your Contact information
  5. Desktop/laptop information (is it home built?)
  6. Symptoms observed
  7. Game(s) you are playing
  8. Is the device performing normally when web surfing, streaming, or emailing?

If you are trying to set up a game console on the UNH wireless network, instructions can be found here: Connecting a Game Console on the USNH Wireless Network


Further Readings

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Stoke Hall dorm information page - UNH Housing & Residential Life - see "Hall Themes"

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Need additional help?

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