UNH Wireless: eduroam TLS Certificate Configuration


This article provides information on how to configure your device to connect to UNH's secure wireless network - eduroam - using the "TLS certificate" configuration.

Using the TLS certificate configuration can provide more seamless wireless connectivity as you roam on campus from building to building, as opposed to a slightly longer delay with the username/password method.

So if you are having trouble with remaining connected to eduroam on the UNH Campus, we recommend trying this method to configure your device for eduroam at UNH.



Task: To connect to UNH Wireless eduroam Network using TLS Certificate configuration


The UNH eduroam wireless network provides secure, reliable and high-speed Internet access. Network authentication is required to access the UNH eduroam wireless network. To ensure the best connectivity experience, UNH IT strongly recommends configuring your device to use EAP-TLS authentication via the Cloudpath configuration applet. Below are step-by-step instructions and screenshotsto help assist during the configuration process. If you have any questions or problems, please contact the Technology Help Desk at 603-862-4242. 

These are the Standard instructions. Links to other instructions types can be found at the end of this article.



Step 1 - Open a Web browser and navigate to https://wifi.usnh.edu.


Step 2 - Check the box agreeing to the UNH Acceptable Use Policy and click Start to begin. 


Step 3 - Select Faculty, Staff & Students


Step 4 - Enter your UNH username and password.


Step 5 - Click to download the installer package for your operating system.

Note: The application will attempt to automatically detect your device's operating system.


Step 6 - Locate and double-click on the downloaded installer to run the applet. Note: in Mac OS you will be asked to find and install the certificate. See Step 8 below for further instructions. You may be prompted to allow the applet to make changes to your device - this is normal and changes should be allowed.


Step 7 - Once the applet has completed configuring your device and connected to eduroam, you will be presented a success message with your eduroam IP address.

Step 8 - These MacOS instructions are based on Ventura 13.4. Other OS versions might vary with terminology. Click the Apple logo in the top left and open System Settings (formerly System Preferences). Then Click on "Privacy & Security", then scroll down and click on "Profiles". You will see the eduroam User profile ready to install.

Step 9 - Click on the eduroam User profile, then Install:

Step 10 - You may be prompted to sign in to authorize changes and then told the network "UNH-Open" is currently in use. Authorize and click install. Once the cert is installed choose eduroam from your available wireless networks and click on it to connect.

If you have completed the steps above and the installation was not successful, you may need to follow the Manual Configuration instructions linked below. Please contact the Help Desk at if you would like assistance in completing the manual instructions.

UNH Wireless: eduroam Manual TLS Certificate Configuration



You are now connected to UNH eduroam wireless network using TLS certificates.


Further Readings

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UNH Wireless: eduroam Manual TLS Certificate Configuration


Need additional help?

Visit the Technology Help Desk Support page to locate your local campus contact information or to submit an online technology support request.  For password issues you must call or visit the Help Desk in person.  

University of New Hampshire (Durham) - Dimond library, Main level, Rm. 341

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