Zoom: Recent Changes

Task: This article provides a list of recent changes to Zoom. 



Zoom has released a number of new features and functionality in recent months. Below is a short list that you can utilize now: 

Zoom Avatars

  • Zoom avatars are customizable virtual characters that you can create and use in your meetings. With numerous personalization combinations, you can display the ‘virtual you’. Avatars mirror your movements and facial expressions, allowing you to present yourself dynamically without needing to be on video.

Personal Meeting Templates

Threaded messages and reactions in in-meeting chat

Threaded messages and reactions allow meeting participants to create messages threads and consolidate emoji reactions in the in-meeting chat. 

Visual previews for hyperlinks
When a user adds a qualified URL/hyperlink as part of a rich text object, a preview card will be generated to provide a visual preview of the linked website. This new feature offers consistency with the behavior in Zoom Team Chat and makes it easier to understand the content of a URL without having to click through.

Share multiple desktop screens - Windows, macOS
Screen sharing has been enhanced to allow meeting participants to share 2 desktop screens at once. Previously, participants could only share one desktop or multiple different open programs at the same time.

Suspend participant activities enhancement for breakout rooms - Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, iOS
When the host of the meeting uses the Suspend Participant Activities option under Security controls, in addition to stopping all screen shares, video, and audio, all breakout rooms will be closed and participants are returned to the main session. Previously, breakout rooms were unaffected by this security control.



Users should have a better understanding of new features in Zoom. 

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