Policy for a Name Change Request

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Follow these steps to request a name change for a PSU community member:

  1. Ensure the user has completed the necessary official name change processes with HR/Registrar
  2. Suggest that a new email alias might suffice
    1. If a new email is sufficient, send it to the group that handles Micorsoft AD accounts. Here is an article for the Policy for Changing Email Alias and the remaining steps can be skipped.
  3. Ensure the user is aware of the new username format, that their alias might include a number, etc.
  4. For username changes, there is quite a bit of coordination required, not only between PSU departments but with USNH and sister schools as well.
  5. Changes are not performed on Mondays to allow for the weekend backlog, coordination, etc.
  6. That leaves Tuesdays through Fridays as possible dates.
  7. At least three working days are needed to coordinate with the various parties and this coordination can sometimes take much longer.
  8. Ask the user for several possible date and time (a three-hour window) when the user will not be logged in to PSU systems
  9.  Once all the data is collected, pass the ticket to IAM Accounts Administration service group
    1. The service group will try to make one of the date/time options work, but it is possible none will be adequate. In those cases, the ticket will be returned to the Help Desk to request additional options from the user.


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