LinkedIn Learning: Frequently Asked Questions


1.  I've activated my account.  How do I get back to LinkedIn Learning?
Go to:  Accessing LinkedIn Learning AFTER Your Organization Account Has Been Activated

2.  How do I get help with my account?
Go to: Getting Help and Contacting LinkedIn Customer Service

3.  How do I disconnect my LinkedIn Learning Organization Account from my account?
Go to: How to Unlink Learning License from LinkedIn Profile

4.  I can't find my original activation invitation email?
USNH and LinkedIn Learning will send follow-up reminder activation emails at 7, 13 and 21 days from the original notification.
If you require a new activation link beyond this time frame go to: LinkedIn Learning Campus Contact Information.

5.  I have an individual subscription on LinkedIn Learning.  How do I switch between my individual subscription and my USNH Organization Account?
Go to: Switching Between LinkedIn Learning Accounts

6. What can my employer see in my organizational LinkedIn Learning account?
Go to: Privacy Information for LinkedIn Learning Learners

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