New Hire Notification Email to Supervisors

Supervisors or Time Approvers will receive an email notification when an hourly benefited employee is hired into a new job that uses UKG Dimensions to record their hours worked. In order to provide the best onboarding experience for the employee, we are providing information about the job for supervisors to review and verify. The information below will help you to understand the job attributes in the notification email in order to verify that it is set up correctly.

Holiday Pay Hours

This will list the number of hours the employee is set to be paid on a holiday within their contract period. This would be set to 8.00 for an employee that is 1 FTE.

For employees that are less than 1 FTE:

  • Those that work less than full time throughout the entire fiscal year will have prorated holiday hours.
  • Those that work full time between contract dates (non fiscal year) will be set to 8.00.

Holiday Calendar

This is the holiday calendar which will be populated on the employee's UKG timecard. This is usually the same institution of the employee, but for some shared service departments such as ET&S, the job could be supporting and following the holiday calendar of a different institution.

UKG Dimensions Access Role

This will list the access role the employee has been assigned for UKG Dimensions. An individual contributor will be listed with an hourly employee role (USNH Hourly Employee). If the position supervises the timecard of others in UKG, it should be listed as an hourly supervisor or manager role to allow access to supervisory functions in UKG.


This is the schedule that will populate the employee timecard. In the naming convention, it will list the institution, days, and start to end time. Occasionally, it may be necessarily to set the schedule to custom if it is unique to this position. Custom schedules must be created and maintained within UKG Dimensions.

Campus Mailing Address

This is the address at which the employee will receive internal campus mail. This address may also be published in directories or website profiles.

Campus Phone

This is the campus phone number listed for the employee. This number may also be published in directories or website profiles.

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