Troubleshooting Dropping Wireless Connections


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There are several reasons why a wireless connection may drop:

  1. Infrastructure - Is there a problem with the wireless service itself?
  2. Environmental - Is there something in the physical space interfering with your wireless signal?
  3. Client - Is there a problem with the client device? 

You can perform basic client-based troubleshooting to improve your USNH wireless experience.

  • Third-Party Network Software
    • Many devices, especially Windows computers, come with some form of network management software which may interfere with USNH wireless network configuration. While most third party wireless management software is designed to help you, it is generally targeted at home use. It is an unnecessary complication in an enterprise environment and USNH IT recommends disabling any such software.
  • Network Card Drivers
    • Make sure your wireless network interface card (NIC) has the most up-to-date drivers properly installed. Drivers are available as part of general Windows Updates and also from the manufacturer's Web site.
  • Configuration
    • Visit to configure your device for certificate-based (TLS) eduroam authentication. TLS authentication provides enhanced roaming capability and increases the stability and security of your wireless connection.


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