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The USNH Network Snapshot Utility enables a user to quickly append relevant network information about a device to an existing USNH IT Support Case. This information is particularly useful to network administrators when troubleshooting a problem. The Snapshot Utility eliminates the potential for error and turns otherwise cumbersome and complicated instructions into a few simple clicks.

If you have an open support case with USNH IT and need to add network troubleshooting information to the case, visit, login, enter your case number and you're done! USNH Network staff will receive the information they need to quickly resolve your issue.



For added functionality, the Snapshot utility is also accessible via the USNH Network Registration portal page at The Network Registration portal allows you to manage devices registered to you on the USNH Network. You may request a snapshot of any registered device be appended to an existing UNH IT Support case. This functionality is useful for users who wish to append information from another device


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