Canvas: How to create a Module


This article describes how to create a module in Canvas.



This article describes how to create a module in Canvas.

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The video below details how to create a module.




Modules allows you to "chunk" course content into a logical progression for your course.  Once you add a Modules you can add content items such has links to files, websites, assessments and a various number of tools.  You can make the Module viewable to the student immediately or set a publish date.

Add a Module:

  1. Click on Modules in the Course Menu.
  2. Click on the + Module.   The Add Module window appears.
  3. Enter a name for the Module.  The name should represent the learning path (structure) that you want the students to follow. (i.e. by unit or time)
  4. Select the Add Module option to save the module.
  • Optional:
    • Select the Lock Until which will hide the module until the selected date.
    • Prerequisites - This option allows you to set content that students must access prior to this module.

Add content to Module:

  1. Now you can add various types of content to the module.
  2. Select the + button opposite of the module.
  3. Click on the drop down in the Add field.  Select the content you want to add.
  4. Options include assignments, quiz, files, content page, discussions, text header, external URL or external tools.   
  5. After you have selected the type, any existing content will appear in the list that you can select to add or you could select the "New" option and add new content from this area.
  6. Select Add item.
  7. Make sure you Publish your Module and the content for the student to view it.


Further reading:

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