Canvas: How to create an assignment


This article and video demonstrates how to create an assignment in your Canvas course.



This article describes how to create an assignment in your Canvas Canvas course



Create an Assignment

  1. In my Courses, select the Assignment link.
  2. On the top right, select the +Assignment button to create a new assignment.
  3. Enter the name of the Assignment.
  4. In the Text Editor, enter the assignment instructions for the students.
  5. Enter the rest of the information for the assignment:
  6. Points:   number of points this assignment is worth.
  7. Assignment Group:   Select this option if you are weighting grades.   This places the assignment in the weighted group you have set up in the assignments area.
  8. Display Grade as:   Select the drop down to see the list of options.
  9. Submission Type: Select the drop down to see the list of option.
  10. Due Date: Enter a due date. This allows the student to see the assignment in the calendar. And if this is an online submission a student's submission after the due date is marked as Late.
  11. Available From and Available To: These dates will automatically control when students can access the Assignment details. The Available To date closes the Assignment and no submissions can be made after that day.   The Due date must be on or between these dates.
  12.  Select Save.
  13. If you want more details about setting up the Assignment, check out the Canvas article on creating Assignments.


Users can expect to learn how to create an assignment in Canvas.

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