USNH Students - Accessing a Windows 11 or Windows 10 license key


This article details how to access Windows 11 or Windows 10 license keys for USNH students.



This article details how to access Windows 11 or Windows 10 license keys for USNH students.  

Microsoft now offers a student benefit that provides free access for eligible students to download and install the Windows operating system, the Microsoft Office Suite, and development tools like Visual Studio, for school use on a student's personal device. 



Task: To access a Windows 11 Education or Windows 10 Education product key for USNH students


Step 1 - Browse to the Microsoft Azure for Education page at 

Note: In order to use this service, you must sign in and be verified.  If you have previously been verified in the Azure for Education service, skip ahead to Step 6.  Steps 2 through 5 explain how to register for the service.

Step 2 - Click Sign in (blue button)

Step 3 - If prompted for an account or email address, enter your, then sign in with your password and multi-factor authentication.

Step 4 - On the screen where it asks you for your information, leave the school name blank.  Fill in the rest of the fields and the puzzle at the bottom.

Step 5 - You will then receive a page where you need to certify your agreement to Azure’s terms. Go through the screens and you will be informed you are accepted as a registered student. 

Step 6 - From the Overview page, click the “Software” resource link ​​​​​​on the left.

Uploaded Image (Thumbnail) - Azure for Education Overview page with "Software" resource link on the left highlighted.Click to see full-size image


Step 7 - In the search box, search for "Windows 11 Education" or "Windows 10 Education", depending on which version you want.

Uploaded Image (Thumbnail) - Azure Education Software with search for "windows 11 education" and search resultsClick to see full-size image


Step 8 - In the results, click on the version of interest, for example: Windows 11 Education, Version 23H2. A side bar opens with information about the software. 

Step 9 - Click the "View Key" button to reveal your Windows Product Key.

Uploaded Image (Thumbnail) - Windows 11 Education software details panel with "View Key" button highlighted.Click to see full-size image


Step 10 - Write down your Windows Product Key and keep it in a safe place.  If desired, use the "Copy to clipboard" button at the end of the product key, then paste the product key in a safe location or email it to yourself.

Copy to clipboard icon highlighted, with tool-tip



You have successfully obtained a registered Product Key for Windows 11 Education or Windows 10 Education.  Paste or type in the key if prompted to register an installed version of Windows.


Further Readings

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