Canvas: Managing Course Files


This article describes the process to manage course files and why it is important.


Task: This article describes the process to manage course files and why it is important.


Why is it important to manage course files?

Each course is given 1 GB of space for course files. Although this is most usually sufficient, sometimes the course quota is used to its maximum. When course quota is full, files can no longer be added. The quickest way to free up space and be able to add new items is to check your course files and determine if you have duplicate files or unused files.  Video and audio files can be uploaded into Kaltura. Managing course files could potentially free up space immediately.

You can check how much course storage you've used by going to the Course > Files and on the bottom is the percentage of 1 GB used.

NOTE: Student submissions are not stored in the course files area and therefore are no counted toward the course quota.

How to manage course files?

First, it is important to assess what type and size of files you have saved within the course.

To view/manage files

  1. Enter the course you wish to view/manage files
  2. Click on Files in course menu. This lists all the files, images and sometimes videos that have been uploaded into your course.

    Screenshot of files selection in course menu in Canvas.

  3. Sort the column by clicking on Size. You want the larger files to sort to the top of the column. Very large files will be in MB's and when deleted will free up the most space quickly.

    Screenshot of column sorted by size with largest files on top.

  4. Determine if these files can be stored elsewhere. See Canvas - Course Quota
  5. For duplicate files or files that no longer need to be saved in the course, hover over the course, click on three dots to the right, and choose Delete.

NOTE: Ensure when deleting the files that they no longer need to be accessed from the modules. If you have created a link within the module you will need to remove that also. When deleting duplicate files make sure to not delete the one linked in the module.

6. After you have made the deletions you can validate course links. See Canvas Article for help


Users will be able to manage their course files on Canvas.

Further reading:

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Need additional help?

Please use this link to the Technology Help Desk to locate your local campus contact information.



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