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UNH's instance of Zoom can be used for HIPAA-related needs. Interested departments should review and request service.


Task: The University System of New Hampshire has entered into a Business Associate Agreement with Zoom Video Communications for use of their Zoom web conferencing platform for healthcare-related needs under HIPAA.  Zoom provides a secure, encrypted communications platform for all uses.  The BAA allows for USNH to use Zoom in ways that meet the specific requirements that exist for handing of electronic healthcare records.


Requesting Access

All departments who wish to use Zoom for something healthcare-related, should start by contacting their institution's HIPAA Privacy Officer to review the need and obtain approval.

Submitting Department Users

Please provide a list with the first and last names and email addresses of the staff who will be needing to use Zoom for healthcare-related purposes.  That list can be submitted as an attachment via our web conferencing service support form.  It is also required that all of the individuals on this list have gone to their institutions Zoom instance and logged in with their normal USNH usernames and passwords in order to exist in the Zoom tool.  Please request your staff do this before submitting the request.

If the department has updates to the list as new staff are hired and the like, those requests can be sent in via the same form or calling the IT Service Desk.

Limitations on HIPAA-compliant Use of Zoom

All recording functions will be disabled and locked.  Users will not be able to use Zoom for any recording purposes.  For academic departments that may also use Zoom for an online teaching tool, it is important to realize that this will apply to all meetings setup by the listed individuals.  There is no way to distinguish a healthcare meeting from a teaching session or any other purpose.  Recording is not available in any Zoom meeting hosted by the listed individuals.

No other tools should be used to attempt to record any Zoom meetings by these users.

Access and Use of HIPAA-compliant Zoom

Once IT staff have configured the list of users, the requester will be informed that their users are all set to commence use.

Users will access and use Zoom in the same manner as they would have normally.  Users will login with their USNH accounts via:

  1. unh.zoom.us

  2. plymouthstate.zoom.us

  3. keene.zoom.us/join

  4.   All documentation in the IT knowledge base related to Zoom still applies, except for items related to recording.


User will understand the HIPAA regulations and how they relate to the usage of Zoom for healthcare purposes.

Need additional help?

Please fill out the Zoom Web Conferencing help form with as much detail as possible, or contact the Technology Help Desk on your local campus.



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