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This article provides links to all the quiz articles.



This article provides links to articles about how to create a quiz and add questions. This article also links to topics on how to schedule quiz date and time, as well as, allow extra time for students. Use the Speedgrader to grade or review and update question grades. The Quiz question statistics gives analytics for overall class submissions.


Create a quiz and add questions

How to create a Quiz   - This article includes a 4-minute video about how to create a quiz and add questions.

Create Quiz and add question bank -  This video (9 min) demonstrates how to create a quiz and create a question bank and apply it to a quiz.   

Quiz Question options   

Questions can be individual to the quiz or setup in groups or banks.  Question types include: multiple choice, true/false, multiple answer, fill in the blank, essay, file upload, numerical answer, formula. Essay and file upload questions must be manually graded while all other question types are automatically graded.

Add individual questions -  Create questions to assign to the quiz.

Add Question Groups - Use the Question group to randomize questions within the quiz.

Create Question Banks  - Question Banks allow you to have a pool of questions to use in multiple course or quizzes.  It also will randomize questions. 

Using Question Banks -   This article explains how to find and add questions in a question bank to add to the quiz.

Assign Quiz to students

Different Quiz Due Dates for students   - This article explains how to assign a quiz to a student who need to take the quiz before or after the rest of the class.  Video included.

Give student extra time to take a quiz-   Moderate Quiz:  If your quiz is timed, you can assign extra time to one or more students.  Quiz must be Published.

Give student another attempt to take quiz - Moderate Quiz:  Use the Moderate quiz to give student another attempt.

Quiz Settings and Moderate Quiz -   Quiz settings - This article lists multiple suggestions on various settings to manage the quiz

Grading Quizzes

View student quiz attempts and grades  - Moderate Quiz:  Use the Moderate quiz to view a list of all student attempts with grade and time to complete quiz.

Using the Speedgrader to grade quiz  - The speedgrader allows you to see the student quiz submission,  grade or re-grade questions.

Update or re-grade quiz question  - This option allows you to re-grade individual Multiple Choice, True/False or Multiple Answers questions. Does not apply to questions pulled from a Question Bank.

Update an overall Quiz grade - (using Fudge Points)  Fudge Points allows you update the student's score for the overall quiz.

Quiz Statistics  - After the quiz has 1 submission, the Quiz Statistics view becomes available.  Go to the Quiz and the Quiz Statistics is located on the right side.



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