Canvas: Export Quiz and Import as New Quizzes


This article explains how to export a classic Quiz and import it into the course as New Quizzes.


Task: This article explains how to export a classic Quiz and import it into the course as New Quizzes.   You would use this option if the course you are exporting from is different from the course you are importing into. Otherwise, if the quiz is remaining in the current course, then consider using the Migrate quiz option


This option is similar to the Importing into an Item Bank but requires less steps to complete for each quiz. The QTI zip file is imported directly in the quiz. This option will have different results depending on how the quiz is setup in the current quiz tool. Please review the steps and notes below. 

Note:  You can export your quizzes from either a prior course or the current course.  If you are exporting from the current course and then importing into the same course, then there will be 2 copies of the quiz; the Classic Quiz and the New Quizzes.   The Classic Quiz can be deleted once you've imported to New Quizzes.

Export old Quiz:

  1. In the course menu click Settings.
  2. On the course settings page click Export Course Content in the right sidebar menu.
  3. On the export screen select Quizzes and deselect the option next to all quizzes. Select the desired quiz and click Export. Once the export is finished, the export package will be linked at the top page. 
  4. Download each quiz export file. Please review the important notes listed below.The default name of the export package will only include the name of the course. You may wish to edit the name when saving to include the quiz name. 
    • You can complete steps 1 - 4 for all quizzes first or as you export quizzes individually and continue with the steps below to import into New Quizzes. Do what works best for you. 

Import into New Quizzes:

  1. Go to the Quiz index page and click +Quiz. Select the new quiz engine option. Fill out the assignment settings and click Save. The new quiz screen will display.  Please note with this option you can only import into new blank quiz.
  2. On the quiz edit screen click the options menu (3 dots) and select Import Content.
    • Note:  If the quiz has existing questions, the Import Content option will be grayed out.
  3. In the dialog box that appears click Browse and locate an export package for the quiz.
  4. Click Import. This will begin the import process. Continue this process for each quiz you exported. 
  5. (Optional) If you wish to add questions to an item bank, edit each question and select Item banking to add the question to new or existing item bank.  Or you can import directly into an Item Bank.

Note: If questions in the current quiz tool were organized in question groups, a group set and item bank will be created. If the questions in the current quiz tool were added directly the quiz, the questions will only exist in the quiz in the new quiz tool but can added to an item bank individually. Please review the following guides. 

  1. How do I create an assessment using New Quizzes? (Links to an external site.)
  2. How do I import an assessment from a QTI package in New Quizzes? (Links to an external site.)
  3. How do I add content to an item bank in New Quizzes? (Links to an external site.)

Need additional help?

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