KSC QuickPAY: Tuition Billing and Payments - Parent / Authorized Payer


How to set up authorized bill payers



The QuikPAY service is available to all active, matriculated KSC students. The student is in sole control of his/her QuikPAY account; s/he determines who should have access to billing information and payment privileges. However, students can also authorize others (e.g., parents, grandparents) to view billing statements and submit student account payments via the web on their behalf.



Task: Set up an authorized payer.

Anyone the student wants to have access to see/pay his or her bill should be established as an authorized payer on QuikPAY. The student can set someone up as an authorized payer via the following steps:


Step 1 - The student logs into MyKSC

Step 2 - Select "My Apps" then select "Self-Service". Alternatively, you can search "Self-Service" from your Dashboard.

Step 3 - Select "Tuition Billing and Payments".

Step 4 - Select "Authorized Payers".

Step 5 - Click "Add New" in the top right corner.

Step 6 - Follow the steps to create an authorized payer.


The student has set the desired person up as an Authorized Payer.


Next Steps

The student then needs to:

  • Share the Authorized Payer Login page  with the new Authorized Payer.
  • Notify that payer of the unique user name and password s/he will use to access the student’s account information.

The authorized payer will be able to see all facets of the billing statement, including all individual charge and payment entries, the student’s KSC ID number, and the student’s address.

Important:  If an authorized payer is having difficulty accessing their account, they need to connect with their student.  Their student is the only one who can change an authorized payer login/password information.





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