KSC Classroom Type II Instructions


Keene State College: Classroom Instruction for Type II Classrooms


The red chart below shows the type of classroom (tech package) you will encounter in those spaces.  There are two sets instructions (below) that can be found in the classroom at the Podium at Keene State College - these are also pasted below the red chart.

Super-TEC and TEC Classrooms have been renamed TYPE II. The only difference between a SuperTEC and a TEC style Type II classroom  is whether you press a hard button to select your source or press a (soft) button on a touch screen. For example, If I bring in my laptop and connect it to the provided HDMI cable, in many classrooms the system will automatically just begin to display your laptop (no buttons at all)  but in older push-button rooms you may have to select "laptop" or "HDMI".

Feel free to contact the Help Desk at Keene State for more information.



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