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Enhancements to Canvas New Quizzes happen monthly to improve functionality, usability, and stability. The university system still views New Quizzes as a "work in progress" and has made the tool available for faculty to opt-in to use when ready. The list of support articles below will highlight the differences between New Quizzes and the existing Classic quiz tool, how to migrate your existing quizzes and banks, how to create new quizzes, and how to do grading of them. All articles will continually be updates as new features or functionality are released.

Classic Quiz vs New Quizzes

Understand Classic Quiz vs New Quizzes.  This article lists the features for each quiz option to help you decide which type of quiz to use.


Migrate your quiz and banks

Migrate your Classic Quiz to New Quizzes.  This article shows how to easily migrate a Classic Quiz to a New Quizzes.

Move your Question Banks to Item Banks.  This is a custom KB article explaining how to move banks. Canvas has not yet created an easy quick migrate option for banks.  This article details how to move banks that contain allot of questions.


Create New Quiz and add questions

Getting Started with New Quizzes.  This article in an overview of New Quizzes and includes a video

New Quizzes Settings.   How to use the New Quizzes Settings

Add Media to questions.  This article shows how to embed a Kaltura video in a quiz question.

Add question from an Item Bank -  How to select Item Bank questions to use in the quiz

How to edit a question in the Item Bank.  How to access the Item Bank and update questions

Using the Rich Content Editor.    The RCE in New Quizzes is not has comprehensive as the RCE in the rest of Canvas.  This article explains explains the RCE features

Add accommodations for a student.   How to assign extra time for a student and have it apply to all quizzes in the course

Give Student another attempt or reopen the quiz.  How to give a student another attempt or reopen the quiz so the student can start where they left off.

Restrict students from viewing the quiz results.  Hide the quiz results from student until you want them to see the questions and answers


Grading Quizzes

Using the Speedgrader to grade quiz.  - This shows how to grade the quiz through the speedgrader.

Re-grade quiz question and update the overall grade.  This shows how to update the points on the quiz question and regrade it.

New Quizzes Reports and Statistics.  This shows the New Quizzes reports that are available.

How to Print a New Quizzes. - How to print the New Quizzes



Users can learn the enhancements of Canvas New Quizzes and will be able to implement New Quizzes into their course on Canvas.

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