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This article explains how the Teams Classroom Learning Tool Integration (LTI) in Canvas works, and how it works with the Teams app outside of Canvas. It also provides some detail on the benefits of using Teams Classroom in Canvas.


Task: This article explains how the Teams Classroom Learning Tool Integration (LTI) in Canvas works, and how it works with the Teams app outside of Canvas. It also provides some detail on the benefits of using Teams Classroom in Canvas.


Canvas has collaborated with Microsoft to streamline the digital workspace and make it easier to for instructors and students to find and navigate to course resources, communicate with each other, and share documents for any-time collaboration. Having tools that are integrated can help reduce stress and increase student engagement.

Teams Classroom in Canvas Basics

Teams Classroom is available as an option in your course settings, but must be enabled in each course. Once the Team Classroom is enabled, students and faculty have access to the full functionality of MS Teams, and can access the course Team through the regular Teams app outside of Canvas, as long as it is connected to their school account.
Instructors can also add a tab in the Team with the Canvas course URL so students can access the course via the Teams app. This allows students to access both spaces from their chosen app and device. 

The key advantage to using Teams Classroom rather than setting up your own Class Team outside of Canvas is that users are automatically added to the Team from the course roster, and will be added/removed if a student adds/drops the course. The students and instructors will also be assigned the proper roles in the course Team automatically as well.

When to Consider Creating a Class Team Outside of Canvas

The one main drawback to Teams Classroom in Canvas is also a key security feature: You cannot add users not enrolled in the course. If you need users outside the course to have access to the full Team, not just a meeting, you may need to consider creating your own Class Team and managing the students yourself. Some situations that this may apply to might include:

  • Collaboration with another class within the USNH system (not cross-listed)
  • Collaboration with other non-USNH students, field experts, etc. in real-world projects
  • Internships or other situations in which you would like to include student supervisors in communications.
  • Student teaching/School of Education supervised practice
  • Research collaboration

Setting Up Teams in Canvas

  1. Log into Canvas and open the course in which you wish to add a Teams Class.
  2. Select Settings from the course navigation menu. 

  1. Select the Integrations tab that appears.
  2. Enable Microsoft Sync by setting the toggle to on.
  3. Click on the Sync Now button to create the course Team which is linked to your Canvas course. The Canvas roster will continue to sync to Teams Classroom after the initial sync. No additional action is needed.

Microsoft Sync in Canvas

  1. Select the Navigation Tab.
  2. Drag and drop the Microsoft Teams Classes item from the bottom to top section and select Save when done.
  3. Select Microsoft Teams Classes in the course navigation to open the app.

Add Teams Classroom to Navigation in Canvas

  1. Select the class team tile to launch Teams. Note:  You may be asked to confirm your login if you have more than one Microsoft account active.

Teams Classroom Tile in Canvas

  1. Before students can access the course team, you must activate it. You can set up the team, add files, and get organized first, if you wish to do so. To activate the team, simply navigate to the course team and click the Activate button on the banner at the top of the team. 

Activate Team Ribbon in New Team

Once the course team is activated, the banner and activate button disappear and students will be able to see and interact with the course team.


How to understand and use the Team classroom learning tool Integration on canvas and how to use the Teams app outside of canvas.

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