Teams Meetings: Integration with Canvas


Microsoft Teams Meetings is an alternative to Zoom. This article explains how to set up Teams Meetings in Canvas and how to use it.



Microsoft Teams Meetings is a web conferencing tool available in Canvas.  The Teams Meetings LTI app allows educators and students to access and schedule Teams meetings for the class directly from Canvas using desktop, mobile, or web platforms.

You can use the Teams Meetings app with or without the Teams Classroom app. Think of it as a shortcut to your meeting space where you can view past & upcoming meetings, schedule individual or recurring meetings, and join the Teams meetings related to the course with a few clicks right in Canvas. This article explains how to set up Teams Meetings in Canvas and how to use it.

Starting Fall 2024, the Teams Meetings App will be in our course template(s) for Canvas in the left hand navigation. 



Task: To set up Teams Meetings in Canvas


Step 1 - Log into Canvas and open the course in which you wish to add Teams Meetings.

Step 2 - Select Settings from the course navigation menu.

Canvas Settings in navigation


Step 3 - Select the Integrations tab that appears.

Step 4 - Enable Microsoft Sync by setting the toggle to On.

Step 5 - Click on the Sync Now button to create the course Team which is linked to your Canvas course.

Microsoft Sync in Canvas


Step 6 - Teams Meetings may appear in your course in Navigation (beginning Fall 2024). If not please follow the steps below to add Teams Meetings to your course template. 

Step 7 - Select the Navigation Tab.

Step 8 - Drag and drop the Microsoft Teams Meetings item from the bottom to the top section and select Save when done.

Step 9 - Select Microsoft Teams Meetings in the course navigation to open the app.

Add Teams Meetings to Navigation in Canvas



You have successfully set up Teams Meeting in Canvas.

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Task: To use Teams Meetings in Canvas


Step 1 - Open the Teams Meetings app. The default view is the agenda view, which shows all currently scheduled meetings for your course.

Step 2 - To Schedule a Meeting, Select the New Meeting button.

Teams Meetings agenda view


Step 3 - Add a Title so your students know what the meeting is for/about.

Step 4 - You can add individual students, or add the entire class with one click.

Step 5 - Set the date and time of your meeting, and whether you want your meeting to be a recurring event.

Step 6 - You can add a physical location if your meeting is hybrid. 

Step 7 - Add details to your meeting to let students know what to bring, or prepare for class. You can attach a document, insert media, or link to resources or even modules in your course.

New Meeting options


Step 8 - When you are done entering details, select Save to schedule your meeting and send notifications to your selected recipients.



You have successfully created a new Teams meeting and notified all the participants.

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Further reading

Microsoft Support - Teams Meetings for Educators and Students 


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