Forms: Moving a Form to a Group


This article details steps for moving your Microsoft Forms to a Microsoft Group.



This article details steps for moving your Microsoft Forms to groups.



Task: To move your form to a group.


If you've created a survey, quiz, or poll, you can easily move it to a group so everyone in your group becomes an owner of that form. Group co-authors can help add content, analyze responses, and share the form with others.

Note: Only Administrators can transfer the form of someone who has left the organization.  Submit a request below if the owner of the form is no longer part of USNH.



Step 1 - Open a browser and navigate to Microsoft Forms , sign in with your Microsoft 365 work or school account.


Step 2 - Open a browser and navigate to Portal.Office.Com , select Forms from the navigation bar.

Step 3 - Scroll down to the bottom of your page and select All My Forms.

Link to All My Forms for Microsoft forms on


Step 4 - On the form you want to move, select the ellipse (...) and choose Move from the drop-down menu.

Note: You can only move the form if you're the owner of that form. You may not transfer the ownership of a form that is shared with you.

Options to open a form in a browser, move a form, copy a form, or delete a form for Microsoft Forms


Step 5 - Choose the group you want to move your form to, and click Move.

Choose the group for which you want to move your form from My forms tab to Group forms



To see the form in the group for which you moved it to, select the back arrow on your My forms page, and then scroll down to the bottom of your page to see My groups. This list shows all the groups you belong to and the forms owned within those groups.

List of your groups that contain forms for Microsoft Forms on


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