Turnitin: AI Detection (Faculty)


This article outlines how to interpret a Turnitin AI similarity report.



This article outlines recent developments regarding AI (Artificial Intelligence) detection in Turnitin.


Task: Users will learn about new functionality within the Turnitin plagiarism detection application.  Turnitin is licensed for UNH and CPS faculty only.



AI plagiarism detection is a rapidly developing field. Turnitin has started to incorporate it in the existing product. The first iteration of AI detection is available to all faculty and surfaces as an addition to the Similarity Report. The indicator will show what percent of the text contained in the document may have been generated by an AI writing tool. It is important to note that AI similarity is not absolute and should only be used as a tool at this stage.

example of the AI plagiarism detection report

Example of Turnitin AI plagiarism detection report


Resources regarding where to view the AI score and how to interpret it.



Users will be able to interpret a Turnitin AI similarity report.

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