MultiSim Installation


This article describes the overview of Multisim, and how to install it using UNH activation.



This article describes the overview of Multisim, and how to install it using UNH activation.



UNH has a site license for the National Instruments Multisim application. Under this license, all students, faculty, and staff may use the Multisim software on UNH-owned or personally-owned computers for teaching and research purposes.

The instructions below are for students or faculty/staff who would like to install Multisim on their own computer.


System Requirements

Your computer meets the following requirements to use Multisim:

  • Windows 10 64-bit
  • 4 GB RAM
  • 10 GB available hard disk space

In addition, we recommend that you have a faster network connection for downloading the Multisim installation materials.  Downloading and completing the installation process may take an hour or more depending on your situation. 



To obtain and install the software


Step 1 - Go to Multisim Download 

Step 2 - Download the most recent release for Windows unless you have a specific reason otherwise.

Note: Multisim is currently only available for installation on Windows operating systems. Multisim can not be installed on Mac OS X or Linux.

Step 3 - After selecting your desired options, Select Install Offline on the right-hand and select Download. This will begin your download, the file is quite large and will take a while to complete

Step 4 - Proceed through the installation process. If you need specific instructions, please review the documentation provided by National Instruments on the download page.



The Multisim software will require activation to work properly. You maybe required to create a NI account. The serial number to activate Multisim is D11L1049506

Copy/paste the codes where needed to activate the software.  The software will be activated to work until December 2024.


Using Multisim

Once Multisim is installed on your computer in the manner described, you will be able to use the software without the need to be connected to the Internet or any UNH resources.


Assistance With Multisim

If you require assistance using Multisim, you can get help from the following:

  • The online Help built-in to Multisim is available via the Help menu
  • The tutorials available in the Multisim Help menu
  • The Multisim Web site 
  • Purchasing manuals via the UNH Bookstore or online booksellers


Further Readings

Multisim Web site 

National Instruments - Can I Install Multisim on Mac OS X or Linux? 



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