Canvas (myCourses): Discussions and Announcement Redesign


This article demonstrates how to set up and use the Discussions and Announcements Redesign.



This article demonstrates how to use the Discussions and Announcements Redesign.


Task: This article describes how to use the new redesigned Discussion and Announcement

Video about using new Discussions:

Note:  This video starts at 1:20.  The first part of the video is demonstrating how to enable the New Discussions and this is not pertinent since it will be automatically enabled.


The New Discussions and Announcement will be automatically enabled for Plymouth on Monday, May 13th and for UNH it will be enabled on Monday, May 20th.=


How to create a New Discussion: 

Any existing “old” Discussions will be converted into the New Discussions format. 

  1. Click on the Discussion link in the Course Navigation.  

  1. In the upper right-hand corner of the page click on the +Discussion button. 

  1. Some new features of settings in New Discussion are: 

  • Anonymous discussions (options are completely off, partial, or full) 
  • Role displays next to the name 
  • Users can mention others by using the @ 
  • Users can quote other students in their reply 
  • If report option is enabled, users can report inappropriate posts (optional)

4. Discussion settings that remain the same: 

  • Users must post before seeing replies 
  • Reply posts can be marked as read or unread 
  • Discussion time stamp edit display 
  • Group Discussions 
  • Peer Review 
  • Add to student to-do list 

Announcements Redesign

The new Announcements Redesign is automatically enabled once New Discussion is enabled using the feature preview under Course Settings.

Announcement New Functionality 

  • Role Display next to name 
  • Threads display author name 

All other features remain the same.




Users can expect to learn how to enable the Discussion and Announcement Redesign as well as how to use them.

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