TeamDynamix Change Enablement Information & Tips


TeamDynamix Change Enablement Information & Tips


Information and Tips for ease of using the TeamDynamix Change Enablement Application:

  • Can’t find an Asset when logging a change?  Use “Unlisted” 

  • Good Titles make the calendar easy to read: Tickets and especially maintenance activity titles should specify: [Asset][How it is being changed]  

  • Add Change Calendar to Outlook 

  • Working with Ticket Templates - Entering the same request for change ticket information every time? Use a template! 

  • Working with Change Ticket Calendar - Filtering & saving custom calendar views. The “Maintenance Activity Only” view is recommended. 

  • TeamDynamix Notifications - TeamDynamix will send a variety of Notifications, from the customary “you have just created a ticket” to more urgent directions to take action on a ticket. Please pay attention to the notifications to ensure that tasks assigned to you are promptly addressed. Some notifications can be modified, and others cannot.  Use the Outlook Mail filters to ensure that you’re getting exactly what you need. Please request service to suggest enhancements to the notifications. 

  • More information including the Training Video and User Guide 

  • For assistance with training or any service request related to TD Change Enablement, use the Service Request Form



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