Zoom: Zoom 6.0 Release Updates


This article goes through the updates of the Zoom 6.0 release which was released April 2024



This article goes through the updates of the Zoom 6.0 release which was released April 2024



New Look and Feel  

Customizable Toolbar

Zoom 6.0 introduced a new look and feel, with a customizable toolbar within meetings, allowing users to tailor their toolbar to their specific needs, enhancing usability and efficiency. Zoom overhauled the visual environment with newly available color schemes and redesigned icons. 

To add items to your tool bar such as Breakout Rooms, Captions, or Polling click on More then click on any of the items and drag them to your toolbar. Click on Reset to Default under more to reset. 

Screenshot of More menu in Zoom to find additional toolbar options to click and drag

You'll see in this example Breakout Rooms was added to the toolbar. 


Multispeaker Layout

A significant addition is the multi-speaker video layout, which dynamically adapts to current speakers by highlighting and enlarging their video tiles over others, while still providing a view of other participants in a smaller gallery view below*.  

*Available in meetings with five or more participants 

Enhanced Control and Flexibility 

Zoom 6.0 offers enhanced lighting control in settings and the ability to isolate audio for noisy environments.  These features provide users with greater control over their meeting environment, ensuring optimal video and audio quality.   

New Features:  

Audio Isolation Profile
  • Personalized audio isolation audio profile can help Zoom recognize and isolate your voice for clearer audio.  

    • This can be found under audio and audio settings

  • Personalized audio isolation setting in Zoom Audio settings

  • You will need to click on create voiceprint recording in order to make this work. You will need to record yourself using a brief provided script and press Start Recording.  Then click Stop Recording when you've read the whole script or reached at least 30 seconds of recording. 

Portrait Lighting
  • The new “portrait lighting” setting allows Zoom to dim your background while brightening you in the foreground, making you stand out in meetings. 

    • This can be found under video and video settings

      • Portrait lighting feature in Zoom

Meeting Wallpapers

The new Meeting Wallpapers feature allows meeting hosts and co-hosts to customize their meeting view by adding more color and customization options.  

Support Changes  

Also, note that this and future releases will no longer support certain older operating systems. Support is ending for: 

  • x86 and x86_64 Android devices – Android 

  • iOS 11 and 12 – iOS 

  • Windows 7 and 8 – Windows 


Further Readings

Read more about the new features from the Mac Updates and Windows Updates from Zoom.  


Need additional help?

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