Canvas: Managing your Course List


This article describes how to manage and customize the Course list on the Canvas Dashboard.


Task: This article describes how to manage and customize the Course list on the Canvas Dashboard.


Find All Courses List  (current and previous semester)

All courses appear in the All Courses list.  The All Courses area is divided into 2 sections; Active and Past Enrollments.   

If you can't find a course that you were previously enrolled in or even a new course, check out the All Courses area.  Prior semester courses will be removed from your Dashboard but will appear in the "Past Enrollments" area under the All Courses list.   Active courses can be starred as your favorite so you can customize which ones appear on the Dashboard.  "Past Enrollments" courses can not be starred as your favorite. 

If you have lots of courses each semester, then you may want to use the "Favorites" feature to control what appears on the Dashboard.


Managing the Course List:

By default, up to 12 courses show in alphabetical order on the Dashboard. You can access all courses by selecting Courses > All Courses from the blue Global Navigation Bar on the left side of your Canvas screen. 

Manage courses on your Dashboard
  • From the All Courses menu, you can "favorite" a course  by clicking on the star next to the course name. The star will change to a gold color.
  • Once you favorite a course, only favorited courses will show on the Dashboard.
  • When you "favorite" a course, it essentially locks the course on your Dashboard until you "unfavorite" it.  
  • If you want to "unfavorite" a course, go the the All Courses list and click on the star to remove the gold color.

When semester based courses are created the course will automatically appear either in your All Courses list or on your Dashboard.  If you are using the "favorite" option, then the new course will appear only in the All Courses area because you have "locked" other courses on the Dashboard.   Using the "favorite" option is a great way to customize your Dashboard.  Once you have used the "favorite" option you should check each semester to verify you have the courses you want appear on the Dashboard.   Follow the steps in the previous paragraph to update your Dashboard to show your new "favorites".


Users will be able to manage their course list in Canvas.

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