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myElements is a research information system. It automatically collects information related to research and scholarship using open data sources and licensed library databases.

For use by UNH ONLY:
This form is for status (benefited) tenure track faculty, research faculty, lecturers and/or clinical faculty to request and track the approvals and payment of supplemental and overload responsibilities. These include teaching, out of contract service and both Sponsored and internal-to-UNH research.

This form should NOT be used to hire new or returning adjunct faculty members whose primary role is NOT a status faculty member. To submit a request for all other adjunct faculty hires, please refer to the Adjunct Faculty Hire form.

For additional assistance, please refer to the resource documents posted here:

myApps (AppsAnywhere) is a cloud-based application, available to students, faculty, and staff, that provides on-demand access to academic software anywhere, anytime, and is accessible from any Windows, MacOS, iOS, Android, and Chromebook device.