Contract Management and Submission

Current description:

Please complete and submit all contract documents.

Replacement description:

This request is to be used for the following:

1.     Requesting a new contract:

Please attach any proposals or quotes that have already been obtained. This ticket will route to Procurement staff to initiate the contracting process.

2.     General questions regarding existing contracts or processes

3.     Request for assignment of UShop contract number:

Please attach the contract that is signed by an authorized signer to have it logged into the UShop Contract module for tracking and reporting. This is not common as most contracts are initiated through this ticket and automatically added to the contracts module during the contracting process.

    For requests of $35,000 or greater, utilize the RFx/Bid Request

 Directions: Select Submit a Request (green button on the top right side of this page), to begin.


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