KSC Facilities

The Facilities Services Department provides comprehensive services to the KSC campus through the following units: Campus Stewardship, Energy and Utilities, Building and Mechanical Services, Maintenance Operations, and Project Management. Collectively, our goal is to provide a comfortable, beautiful, and functional place to learn and work.

Please visit the Resources tab on the Facilities website for other useful links and services.

Select a category that best fits the need for the service ticket.  If you are unsure, use the examples below to find which once seems the most appropriate.  If you have multiple issues within the same space, please submit a ticket for each individual issue.  This ensures that your requests get to the correct personnel in a timely manner.

Example:  My light is flickering and toilet is clogged:  This would be two tickets; one for Electrical and one for Plumbing. 

Appliance: For issues pertaining to appliances such as dish washers, ice makers, ovens/stoves, refrigerators, microwaves, etc.

Building Envelope: For roof leaks, issues with storefront/curtainwall glass, brick, siding, etc.

Carpentry:  For issues pertaining to windows, doors, ceilings, flooring, shades/blinds

Cleaning: For C&W cleaning services

Electrical:  For issues pertaining to lights, power, fire alarm, lighting control, etc.

Fleet Services:  For repair services to KSC registered vehicles

Furniture:  For repairs to residential or office furniture

Grounds:  For issues pertaining to moving office furniture, event setup, landscaping, etc.

HVAC (Heating/Cooling):  If your space is too hot/cold

Locks:  For issues pertaining to door hardware and locks

Mechanical:  For issues pertaining to fire protection/sprinkler

Pests:  For issues pertaining to insects or rodents (please note our contracted vendor comes to Campus once a week on Wednesdays)

Plumbing:  For issues pertaining to toilets, sinks, drains, drinking fountains, etc.

Safety:  Assistance with issues for the Environmental Health & Safety Manager

Facilities Services, Elliot Center

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