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Microsoft Intune is a cloud-based management tool that ensures that Windows devices are secure and that the user can easily install software from any location that has an internet connection.

Windows updates will be installed automatically based on Intune policies, making sure that your device is always kept up to date and working smoothly.  Security is also managed by Intune, ensuring your device is well protected.

Intune will take the place of the already familiar Configuration Manager for Windows endpoint device management but will have all the same benefits and more.  From Company Portal, install a myriad of software made available for you customized to your campus, and more can be made available as IT identifies software useful for your group.  Applications are kept up to date via Intune as well, so you don’t have to remember to update software to get the latest version.

It will also be able to have valuable reports on installed hardware, update installation status, device security, application updates, and user experience to help improve the experience you have with your Windows device. 

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