TeamDynamix: Unable to Save a Pasted Email in the Ticket Comment Feed


This article details how to save a pasted email in the ticket comment feed.


Purpose: Workaround to save a pasted email in the comment feed.
Intended Audience:  TeamDynamix clients
Environment:  TeamDynamix application 

If the text you are trying to paste originates from an email, you will want to ensure that there are not any < or > characters in your text content (even if you have stripped the formatting). These will be viewed as HTML content and the feed will actively strip it or not allow it to be posted in case it contains malicious code.


Copy, paste and save the email to a text editor such as Note Pad or Word Pad. The .txt file will strip the email formatting and then you will be able to copy and paste email from the .txt file to the TeamDynamix feed.


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