Public articles regarding the TeamDynamix (TDx) System at USNH.

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TeamDynamix: Account FAQ

This article contains frequently asked questions about TeamDynamix. TeamDynamix is a project, portfolio, and service management software specifically designed for higher education and used by a variety of organizations within the University System.

TeamDynamix: Creating a Problem Ticket

How to create a Problem Ticket in TeamDynamix

TeamDynamix: Creating a Ticket and Selecting Save, why don't I have to Enter Time?

This article details how to create and save a ticket without entering time.

TeamDynamix: Enabling Automatic Desktop Refresh

This article details how to turn on automatic desktop refresh in TeamDynamix.

TeamDynamix: File types Permitted as Attachments

This article details the file types permitted as attachments for TeamDynamix.

TeamDynamix: Hiding a Report listed in left Navigation bar

This article details how to hide reports listed in the left Navigation bar

TeamDynamix: Links for TDx Production and Sandbox Access

This article provides a list of the Production and Sandbox links for TeamDynamix (TDx) access at USNH.

TeamDynamix: Running Time Reports for Groups Submitting Time

This article details how to run time reports for groups submitting time in TeamDynamix.

TeamDynamix: Sandbox Information

The TeamDynamix Sandbox is the test and development environment for TeamDynamix at USNH. ​​​​​​​This article explains how to access the Sandbox as well as the maintenance and refresh schedules.

TeamDynamix: Viewing and Searching Your Ticket Request(s) in the Client Portal

This article details how to view and search your ticket request(s) in the Client Portal.