TeamDynamix: Editing the 'My Total Hours' Field after the Project is created


This article details how to edit the 'My Total Hours' field after the project is created in TeamDynamix.



Task: To edit the 'My Total Hours' field after the project is created. 

Note: The 'My Total Hours' field is only available when creating a new project. The field is used to enter a quick schedule for yourself that will be spread across the duration of the project. For example, if you're creating a project and you will be spending a total of 100 hours on the project over the next 4 months, you can use the 'My Total Hours' field to enter 100 hours and it will automatically create schedules for you in the 'Resources' tab of the resulting project. If you do not wish to use this field, enter '0'.


Step 1 - Click on Manage Projects in left-hand navigator.

Step 2 - Select and open the project.

Step 3 - Select Resources in left-hand navigator.

Step 4 - Click on your name under the "Person" column to open your resource schedule.

Step 5 - Scroll down to "Edit Schedule" and edit field in the Month column.

Step 6 - Select green Save button.



The project 'My Total Hours' field is edited. 


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