Mnova Installation


This article describes how to install Mnova, an application for electronic and vibrational spectroscopic techniques.



UNH has a site license for the Mestrelab Research Mnova application that allows for 150 active users. Under this license, all students, faculty, and staff may use the Mnova software on UNH-owned or personally-owned computers for teaching and research purposes.

The instructions below are for students or faculty/staff who would like to install Mnova on their own computer.


System Requirements

Your computer meets the following requirements to use Mnova:

  • Windows 7 or newer; macOS 10.13 or newer; Linux (many versions - see download page)
  • 1 GB RAM
  • 2 GB available hard disk space 



Task: To obtain and install the Mnova

Step 1 - Go to Download Mnova 

Step 2 - Use the large buttons to find the appropriate copy of Mnova for your specific operating system.  We recommend you download the most recent release unless you have a specific reason otherwise.

Step 3 - Click on the desired version to download the installation files to your computer.

Step 4 - Proceed through the installation process:

  • For MacOS users, just drag the program to your applications folder.
  • For Windows users, proceed through the installer, accepting the license agreement and most defaults. When at the Custom Setup stage, only install the MestReNova Framework and the NMR Plugin.  Do not include any of the other plugins.



The Mnova software requires a license file to activate.  The activation is through October 2025.  If you continue to use the program after that point, you will need to repeat this process to obtain a new license file.

Task: To activate Mnova

Step 1 - Connect to the repository for the installation files at UNH Mnova. This folder is accessible to all UNH account holders, but you may have to login with your UNH username and password to gain access.

Step 2 - Locate the license file for the version of Mnova you have installed.  For most users, this will be the University of New Hampshire Campus NMR v1.8.lic file.

Step 3 - Download the correct file to your computer. You can do so by clicking on the file name to display the file, and then clicking the Download button in the upper middle. Be sure to save the file to a convenient location such as your Downloads folder or Desktop.

Step 4 - Start the Mnova software on your computer.  When it first runs, you will be prompted to install the license file.  Click the Install button.

Step 5 - Navigate to the location where you saved the license file and select the downloaded license file in the file browser dialog.

Step 6 - After you receive notice that the license file was accepted, you may need to restart Mnova to get it fully activated.


Using Mnova

Once you have completed the installation, you can run Mnova by using the MestReNova shortcuts in the Windows start menu or on macOS by finding the MestReNova item in the Applications folder.

Mnova is installed entirely on your local computer, and you do not need to be connected to UNH's network to run the program.  The license activation, though, does need to check into our central license server every 90 days to stay active.  If you receive a notice about your license not being active, connect to UNH's network and try again.  If you are off-campus, connect to the USNH VPN service and try again.


Assistance With Mnova

If you require assistance using Mnova, you can get help from the following:

  • The online Help built-in to Mnova is available via the Help menu
  • The Mestrelab website 


Uninstalling Mnova

If you wish to remove Mnova from your computer, you may do so by choosing Uninstall or Remove Monva from the Windows Add/Remove Programs. Or on macOS, by dragging the MestRaNova application to the trash.

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