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Pinned Article USNH Academic Software Applications

This article features various USNH-supported software applications and how to use them.

CPS - Graduate Student Technology Resources

This article lists web-tools and software packages available to enrich the academic experience for graduate students at the UNH College of Professional Studies (CPS).

CPS - WebCat for Students & Faculty

This article will outline several resources and uses for WebCat for both Students and Faculty

CPS - WebCat: Search for Student Advisor

During the term, if a faculty member needs to contact a student’s advisor, WebCat can be used to find the student’s advisor name.

How to Install JMP License

How to License JMP

Installing Amos

SPSS Amos is a powerful structural equation modeling software that helps support your research and theories by extending standard multivariate analysis methods, including regression, factor analysis, correlation, and analysis of variance. This article details how to install Amos on your Windows device.

MATLAB - Renewing TAH License

This article describes how to renew the Total Academic Headcount license for MATLAB, which needs to be renewed annually.

Mnova Installation

This article describes how to install Mnova, an application for electronic and vibrational spectroscopic techniques.

MultiSim Installation

This article describes the overview of Multisim, and how to install it using UNH activation.

Online Student Collaboration Tools

Student collaboration in and out of the classroom is an important part of learning, and can happen in a similar way online. Collaboration with one another daily to study or work in groups for course work is easily achieved from off campus. Students can collaborate using various online collaboration tools, listed below.

Read&Write Installation

This article describes how to install Read&Write, a helpful application for learning difficulties. This article also goes over the activation process, assistance, and uninstallation.

SAS Annual License Renewal

This article describes how to renew SAS, which must be renewed on a yearly basis.

Setting Up and Using your Wacom Intuos Tablet

Instructions on setting up a Wacom Intuos tablet to be used as an annotation device.

SPSS USNH-wide License

This article describes SPSS, a statistical analysis application, it's license activation options, using SPSS, getting assistance with the application, and how to uninstall.

SPSS: Installing on MacOS

How to install SPSS on MacOS. See also fix for MacOS Sonoma (ver. 14) "Server Login" Error

SPSS: Installing on Windows

How to install SPSS on Windows

SPSS: Licensing

How to License SPSS

Teaching and Learning Technologies Resource Overview for Faculty

This article provides an introduction to the services and support USNH Teaching and Learning Technologies (TLT) provides for faculty. Full details on all TLT departments and services can be found at the TLT home page.
For a listing of all IT Services, visit the IT Service Catalog, click here.

The Oculus Rift

This article describes how and where to use the Oculus Rift.

UNH Parker Media Lab: Using the Lightboard

This article outlines required steps on how to use the Lightboard found in the Parker Media Lab in Dimond 237. The Lightboard allows users to record and annotate presentations while facing their audience.

UNH Parker Media Lab: Using the One Button Studio

This article outlines required steps on how to use the One Button Studio found in the Parker Media Lab in Dimond 237. The One Button Studio is an area comprised of lighting a camera, microphone, green screen and computer to record high quality presentations.

UNH Parker Media Lab: Using the Whisper Room

This article outlines required steps on how to use the Whisper Room found in the Parker Media Lab in Dimond 237. The Whisper Room is an audio isolation chamber used to make clean, clear audio recordings.