UNH Accounts: Accessing Your Current Address in Webcat to Provide Proof of Domicile for Voter Registration


This article walks through how to find or add your current address on Webcat for the purpose of providing proof of domicile for voter registration. New Hampshire voter registration laws now require voters to provide documentation to prove they are domiciled in the place they intend to vote. Click here to read more (PDF from NH Secretary of State).

UNH students can provide this proof by way of the View Current Address functionality in Webcat, which lists your current address. This can be displayed or printed to provide proof of domicile at the time of registration.



Task: To view your current address on Webcat



Step 1 - Go to https://my.unh.edu.

Step 2 - In the search field, type Webcat. Webcat will display.

Step 3 - Login using your UNH username and password.

Step 4 - Go to Personal Information and select View/ Update Personal Information.

Step 5 - Scroll down to the section that displays your addresses.

Step 6 - Show this information - from your mobile device or printed copy - to the appropriate party, along with a photo ID (driver’s license or UNH photo ID).



You should be able to find your current address on Webcat to show to the appropriate party.

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Task: To add a current address on Webcat

If no current address is on file, you can add a current address by following these steps:


Step 1 - From Webcat, go to Personal Information and select View/ Update Personal Information.

Step 2 - Scroll down to the Address section and select +Add New on the right-hand side

Step 3 - Select Local Living(off-campus) from the Type of Address dropdown menu.


Step 4 - After you enter your current address, select Add to save your address.

Step 5 - After saving your current address, it will be visible on the address section of the View/ Update Personal Information page.



You should be able to add your current address to Webcat.

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Further Readings


Registering to Vote in New Hampshire (PDF) - NH Secretary of State Office

Voting in New Hampshire  - NH Secretary of State Office


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