Professional and Chosen/Preferred Names, Gender Identity, and Personal Pronouns FAQ

The WISE Self-Service application allows USNH employees to update their personal information, such as their Professional Name, Chosen/Preferred Name, gender identity, and personal pronouns. 

  1. What name types are available?

Professional Name: The name an individual is known by in a professional capacity.

Note: When a Professional Name is provided, this name will be the primary name utilized in all integrated technology applications. 

Chosen/Preferred Name: The name by which an individual chooses to be addressed, such as an individual who goes by their middle name or when someone uses a name that differs from their birth and/or legal name.

Note: The Chosen/Preferred Name is pre-populated based on the employee's legal name and any Preferred First Name information on file as of June 2020.

Legal Name: The name officially recognized by government entities and necessary for USNH to meet its reporting obligations and production of official documents like W-2s.

  1. Do I need to enter both a First Name and a Last Name?

Yes, the system requires both the First Name and the Last Name fields to be completed for each name type. The Middle Name is optional.

  1. I entered a Middle Name, but I don't see it used everywhere. I would like it to be displayed. How can I correct this?

Middle Names and/or Middle Initials are not displayed in all technical applications. If you would like your middle name or initial to display consistently, add it to the First Name field instead of the Middle Name field.

  1. I entered a Professional Name, and a Chosen/Preferred Name. Which name will be used to address me in technology applications?

If a Professional name is provided, that will be the primary name used in technology applications; otherwise, the chosen/preferred name will be used (unless the legal name is required). 

  1. Which technology applications have been updated to use the new name types?

The initial roll-out on 7/1/2020 focused on 15 critical technology applications. Since then, additional technology applications have been updated to use the new name types. See the list below for applications utilizing new name types as of July 2021. Applications will continue to be added in future phases, across all USNH institutions.

All Institutions / Core Systems

  • Web Information System for Employees (WISE)
  • Banner HR
  • PeopleAdmin (coming August 2021)
  • LinkedIn Learning (coming August 2021)
  • Syntrio (coming Sept 2021)
  • Accounts Management System/AMS (coming Sept 2021)
  • Global Address List
  • M365 Contact Card


  • Active Directory
  • Online Directories
  • Canvas Learning Management System
  • Evaluation Toolkit (beginning Sept 2021)
  • Kaltura (beginning Sept 2021)
  • Zoom (beginning Sept 2021)
  • Qualtrics (beginning Sept 2021)
  • Global Address List


  • Active Directory
  • Canvas Learning Management System
  • Evaluation Toolkit (beginning Sept 2021)
  • Kaltura (beginning Sept 2021)
  • Zoom (beginning Sept 2021)
  • Qualtrics (beginning Sept 2021)
  • Global Address List


  • Faculty Profile on College/Department Websites
  • FindScholars@UNH
  • / Time and Room Schedule
  • Catalog / Courseleaf (updated annually in October)
  • myCourses/Canvas (Learning Management System)
  • Blue Explorance (Teaching Evaluations)
  • WebCat/DegreeWorks
  • Faculty/Staff Online Directory (includes pronouns)
  • Faculty/Staff Digital Sign Directory
  • Kaltura
  • myElements and associated Faculty Activity Report (FAR)
  • WebI reports: instructor/advisor listing
  • Global Address List 
  • Master Calendar (coming Sept 2021)
  • Alma/PRIMO (coming Sept 2021)
  • Zoom (coming Sept 2021)
  • Qualtrics (coming Sept 2021)

USNH System Office

  • Global Address List


  1. I updated my name. Why don't I see it in the technology applications yet?

Some applications will take 1-2 days to update with your revised name information.

Note that your name as a Student is maintained independently of your name as an employee. For information on updating your student name records, contact your campus Registrar's Office.

  1. If I update my name, will my email address automatically change?

No, changing your name WILL NOT change your email address.  For more information and to submit an email address change request go here:

  1. The pronoun or gender identity options I need are not available in the list(s).

We have included some options for selection but this is certainly not an exhaustive list. We actively monitor for any updates needed to best support our community, and we encourage you to contact us at: to inform us of options to be added to the lists.

  1. Who can see my pronoun selections?

Your pronoun selection is viewable within certain applications such as online directories, Learning Management Systems, and faculty profiles on the website. As with name fields, pronouns will be made available in more applications over time. This field is optional, and for those who choose to provide this information the goal is that it will become part of the individual's public profile, where applicable.

  1. Who can see my gender identity?

Gender identity is collected for purposes of inclusion and is considered restricted information. This data is available only to those with a legitimate need to know, as determined by Human Resources. The field is optional.

  1. Where can I find instructions on updating my personal information in WISE self-service?

For step-by-step instructions, see:

  1. How can I get more information on inclusive practices?

For more information on inclusive practices, please reach out to the office listed beside your institution below.

Keene State College: Diversity and Multiculturalism Office
Plymouth State College: Human Resources
UNH: Office of Community, Equity and Diversity
USNH: Human Resources 

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USNH recognizes that the options available for gender identity and personal pronouns will require occasional updates, and welcomes your suggestions. Note: Please do not submit personal information on this form. If you wish to discuss a personal matter, please contact your HR partner or your campus Diversity Office. To update your Professional or Chosen Name, Gender Identity, or Personal Pronouns, edit your employee profile following the instructions at: