WISE and Payroll Frequently Asked Questions

WISE: USNH's Web Information System for Employees

The information below will help provide answers to some frequently asked WISE and Payroll questions.

This is not the WISE Login Page.

The WISE login page is available at: https://wise.usnh.edu/

After accessing the WISE login page... log into WISE by scrolling past the Announcements and clicking on


to enter your username and password.  For assistance with your Username and/or password go to: Log in Help by Campus 

If you see the Invalid credentials error, you will need to reset your password.
PLEASE allow 5-10 minutes for password to re-sync after reset prior to logging into WISE
For assistance with your Username and/or password go to: Log in Help by Campus

If you are logged out as soon as you log in or you appear to be caught in a "loop"
please call the UNH IT Service Desk at (603) 862-4242 for assistance with resolving this issue.  They are available Monday thru Friday 7:30 AM to 5:00 PM


WISE Frequently Asked Questions

What if my WISE employee data is not correct?

Information in WISE reflects what has been successfully coded, approved and updated in Banner.  If transactions are in progress, the most up‐to‐date information may not be in WISE. If you have questions, please contact your Campus Human Resources Office.

How can I change my campus email address?

Campus email addresses are fed on a nightly basis from the respective campus email system. The campus email address cannot be changed via WISE, please contact your campus email administrator.

Do I have to use my campus email for direct deposit notifications and Web Time Entry (WTE) notifications?

No, you may enter an alternative email address in WISE.  Go to the Personal Information tab and choose Update E‐Mail Address.


Time Sheets / Leave Reports

If you have questions about entering your Time Sheet or Leave Report contact your Campus Human Resources or Payroll Office.


Quick Reference Guides for Time Sheets

Web Time Entry: Adjunct Hourly Staff and Student Employees

Web Time Entry: Approvers and Proxies


Pay Stub Information

When is pay stub information available?

Bi‐weekly pay information is typically viewable via WISE one business day prior to the payment date.

Who should I call if there is a problem with my pay information?

Contact your Campus Payroll or USNH Payroll Office.

How long will my pay stub information be kept online?

You are able to view all pay periods in the current calendar year and all prior calendar years back to July of 2003.

Can I print my paystub?

Yes, click on the Printer Friendly Icon at the bottom of the Pay Stub Detail screen to condense the information to a single page, then print.

Is this considered an official pay stub?

Yes, a printed pay stub is accepted by most financial loan institutions.

Still need help?

You can contact your Campus Payroll Office if you have further questions or need additional help.

Direct Deposit Authorization & Allocation

How do I set‐up direct deposit for a new bank account?

Within WISE, navigate to Pay Information from the Employee tab, select Direct Deposit Allocation, the Update Direct Deposit Allocation option is located near the bottom center of the form. Once selected, you will be prompted to answer your security question.  When your answer has been confirmed, enter your bank account information under Add Allocation. Carefully review the information you have entered to ensure it is accurate. Save.

Can I have direct deposit to any account?

Yes, direct deposit is available with any U.S. financial institution.  Can I have direct deposit to more than one account? Yes, you may select more than one allocation. The priority of any active allocations determines the order in which they occur.

Why is the priority of each allocation so important?

The priority determines which account will be processed first, second, etc. For example; Priority 1 will be processed first, Priority 2 will be processed second, and so on. Your net pay allocation should be the last account processed (i.e. has the highest priority number) and it should display 100% as the allocation percent. When you have entered multiple accounts for Direct Deposit Allocation your highest numbered allocation (your net pay entry) should have the Remaining Amount box checked.

I am having trouble locating my bank routing and account numbers and I don’t have a check, what should I do?

You will need to have this information available when setting up your Direct Deposit Allocation. If you do not have checks, you may obtain this information by calling your bank.  You may also be able to find it on your banking web site. Caution: Be careful, do not use your bank’s wire transfer routing information. I am trying to make changes to my account, but I can’t see my account.

When I try to enter the information, I receive an error that the account already exists. How can I fix this?

Your account may have been unused for a period of time, making the status ‘Inactive’ or you may have accidentally selected the inactive button. Contact your Campus Payroll Office to verify your account information; Payroll will be able to activate your account. Once it is active, it will be available to view in WISE and you can make any necessary changes.

I have two accounts set up however my entire check is going into only one account. What is wrong?

Check your priority settings; the account receiving 100% of the remaining balance should contain the largest number in the priority sequence.  My direct deposit is set up with two accounts intending to have each account receive 50% of my net pay.

Why am I still receiving a check?

If both direct deposit allocations are set to 50%; the first deposit is 50% of the total net and the next 50% deposit is half of the remaining amount, which will leave a remaining balance causing a check to be issued. Please see the following example:


Priority # and Allocation %

Direct Deposit Amount Available Balance
Net Pay     $100.00
  Priority 1 at 50% $50.00 $50.00
  Priority 2 at 50% $50.00 $50.00

A check will be issued for the remaining $25.00 net amount.  

When you enter multiple accounts for Direct Deposit Allocation your highest numbered allocation should have the Remaining Amount box checked. This will prevent a paper check from being processed.


IRS Form W‐4 Authorization & Changes

How do I view my Federal W‐4 form information?

Select the W4 Tax Exemptions or Allowances option from the Employee tab. The information displayed is the most current information.

How do I make a change to my Federal W‐4 form information?

Select the W4 Tax Exemptions or Allowances option from the Employee tab and select Update. Can I get a printed Form W‐4? Yes, choose the print button at the bottom of the W4 Tax Exemptions or Allowances page. IRS Form W‐2 Viewing & Electronic Consent:

When is W‐2 information available in WISE?

W‐2 information for the prior calendar year is available in WISE once the USNH pay history has been reconciled and W‐2 processes are complete.  This is done in late January for the preceding reporting year. An announcement is made when the W‐2 information is posted to WISE.

Is W‐2 information available in WISE before the Form W‐2 is printed and mailed to employees?

Yes, the W‐2 information is available to all employees via WISE prior to the paper W‐2 mailing.

How can consent to receive electronic W‐2 information be given?

Access the Employee Tab, select the Electronic W‐2 Consent option from the Tax Forms Tab and follow the instructions.  Where is W‐2 information available in WISE? From the Employee Services Tab, select Tax Forms, W‐2 Wage and Tax Statement. You will be prompted to answer your security question.  When your answer has been confirmed, choose the desired Tax Year from the pull‐down menu.

Can I print my W‐2 information from WISE and submit with my income tax return?

Yes, once you’ve selected the appropriate Tax Year and have the Form W‐2 Wage and Tax Statement in view. You may print by selecting Printable W‐2 from the bottom of the page, entering your password and printing the form from the browser.

Is W‐2 information available for past year?

You can view your W‐2 information via WISE from tax year 2003 forward.

If I terminate employment, will I be able to obtain my W‐2 information via WISE?

Yes.  You will continue to have access to WISE through October of the tax year following your employment end date.

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