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Stata is a statistical software package used for data analysis, data management, and graphics. This article details how to access the networked version of Stata from your MacOS device.



Task: To access the networked version of Stata on a MacOS device.

The following instructions will provide access to the networked version of Stata. This procedure needs to be done every time you want to run Stata.

Because Stata is distributed from one of UNH's servers, you must be connected to UNH's network both to install Stata initially and every subsequent time you wish to run Stata. You must be either on the UNH campus on a wired Ethernet connection or using the secure eduroam wireless network, or you must be connected to the USNH VPN service if using the software from off campus.


Step 1 - Be sure you are connected to UNH's network as described above before proceeding.

Step 2 - Connect to the \\\stata share. In the Finder on your Mac, choose Go > Connect to Server, enter smb://

Step 3 - You will likely be prompted to enter a username and password to get connected. Select the registered user option.  Fill in ad\username (putting in your own UNH username, like ad\jbd2519), and your and password.

Step 4 - When the file share window opens, you should see a folder named Stata 16, browse through the appropriate folder for your operating system and then find the Stata application, copy the application icon to your desktop, then launch it by double-clicking it.  The application item is named StataIC

Step 5 - If the application fails to launch please check that it is allowed to launch in system settings (or system preferences), Security & Privacy, and then in the general tab



You are able to access the network version of Stata on your MacOS device.


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