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Purpose: An outline of the rates, policy, and service delivery details for the Special Events service provided by the USNH Learning Space Technologies group

Intended Audience:  Community members requesting audiovisual support for a special event
Environment:  University System of New Hampshire

Scope of Article: An outline of the rates, policy, and service delivery details for the Special Events service provided by the USNH Learning Space Technologies group



What is a Special Event?  

Events or ceremonies at USNH differ widely but involve the needs assessment, system design, delivery, set up, execution, strike (removal) repair/refresh of sound reinforcement, video reinforcement, live streaming, web conferencing to provide audiences an easier way to see and hear presentations, panel discussions, ceremonies, and performances. Our team from ET&S Learning Space Technologies understands the opportunity a well-executed event provides for the goal to enhance the mission(s) of the USNH institutions, or to help deliver important messages, entertain our audiences, or honor people who have achieved greatness.  

The Learning Space Technologies team has technicians that have dual roles, and at times may need to prioritize classroom technology support.  The number of events often exceeds the number of technicians and / or the equipment we have available. At times, when demand is greater than the supply of labor or equipment, we will need to outsource to independent contractors. These contractors will have been fully vetted by Learning Space Technologies. The work to identify and schedule these technicians will be borne by our staff.  

Special Event Policy 



Monday 8:00 a.m. through Friday 5:00 p.m. 

Outside of Normal Business Hours  


Internal Events / Academic Ceremonies  

No charge for equipment / no charge for labor* 


$25 per hour 4 hour minimum / no charge for equipment* 

Sponsorship by internal departments constitutes an internal event (see Sponsorship Form)  

External Events 

Charges will apply 

Charges will apply 

Pricing at LST rates based on availability, otherwise, the customer will be responsible for paying the Audiovisual contractor 


Internal Events  

An internal USNH event is an event that is intended for faculty, staff, students, parents, or prospective students of USNH institutions. Technicians and other ET&S resources are prioritized to support internal events. Campus specific sponsorship policies may apply. Event requestors (organizations, departments, corporations, non-profits) may be asked to complete a sponsorship form which will verify and determine status as an internal vs. an external event.  

Internal Events that begin and end within normal business hours (8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.) incur no cost.  

An hourly charge (see rate sheet) is incurred for events outside normal business hours. This hourly charge is vetted with the USNH Central Budget Committee/ Internal Rates group and is currently $25 per hour. A Purchase Order must be on file with ET & S before the event is executed. 

In general, Special Event Support is not provided for classes. Classes scheduled by the Registrar that require special event support as part of the curriculum will be supported at the discretion of LST staff. In the special circumstance where a class needs special event support to augment installed classroom technology (e.g., live panel discussion in a very large room or multiple displays) LST will make every attempt to provide support (see Internal Events) at no cost at the time of the class in the assigned classroom.  

Recording of classes will be executed as a self-service via Kaltura/Zoom, or via equipment loaned to faculty (when available). ET&S LST is not resourced to provide classroom videography.  

Video and or audio recording of events constitutes an additional layer of technical expertise; and camera operator labor will be contracted accordingly - when available. External contractor charges will apply.   

*LST has a limited inventory of equipment and labor. Once this inventory has been surpassed (on a first come, first served basis) we will coordinate external support that the client will need to pay directly to the vendor at their prevailing rates.  

The sooner one can contact us (see form below), the easier it will be to schedule equipment and labor for the special event and the lower the risk of disappointment. Last minute (less than 72 hours (about 3 days)) requests will be executed with the best effort, but groups should expect to increase costs or decrease labor/ equipment availability – if any.  

USNH ET&S LST Special Events staff will work with both the customer and the contractor to work under constraints of budget, schedule, and quality to execute the event.  



External Events  

External clients seeking sponsorship may incur a $50 sponsorship administration charge. External vendor charges will apply - USNH LST will help negotiate and coordinate. 

To Schedule special event technical support  


To request a Special event, click here: https://td.usnh.edu/TDClient/60/Portal/Requests/ServiceDet?ID=179 

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