TeamDynamix: Finding Inactive Projects to Activate


When an existing project is copied, the default status of that new project is set to Inactive. The new project must be manually set to Active. This article details how to find an inactive project and activate it.



Task: To find an inactive project and activate it


Step 1 - Access TeamDynamix (

Step 2 - Click on the Projects tab

 red cricle highlight the project tab


Step 3 -Click on Manage Projects on the left

red circle highlight the manage project tab


Step 4 - Click the "Both" radio button and then click Search.

red circel highlight the both option


Step 5 - A list of active projects based on log-in credentials will appear.

Step 6 - Review the Active column. Yes = Active. No = Inactive

active status


Step 7 - Click the Name of the project you wish to Activate

Step 8 - Click Actions -> Activate

the activate option


Step 9 - Close the current open window

Step 10 - Click Refresh to see the Active status change



The inactive project has been activated.


Need additional help?

If you need further assistance, see TeamDynamix: Need Help?

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