TeamDynamix: Adding Financial Information for a Faculty Supplemental Pay Request


This article details how to add financial information to a Faculty Supplemental Pay Request and the how to configure a UNH Provost Desktop.



Task: To add financial information to a Faculty Supplemental Pay Request


Step 1 - Log into TDNext

Step 2 - Click on the Waffle icon in the upper left corner, and then find and click on the application called UNH Provost

Note: if you've already accessed this application, it will be visible as a tab

Step 3 - If the UNH Provost Desktop has been configured, find the ticket in the Add Financial Info report and click on it to open

Step 4 - Click the Edit button

Step 5 - Add the appropriate financial information

Step 6 - Click Save

Step 7 - Once saved, click Added Finance Information > Send to Provost to review, under the Current Activity section



you have added financial information to a Faculty Supplemental Pay Request

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Task: To Configure a UNH Provost Desktop


Step 1 - In the UNH Provost application, click the Edit UNH Provost Desktop link

Step 2 - Click the Edit Layout button

Step 3 - Select the layout you wish to use (we suggest the 50-50%/ 100% layout)

Step 4Drag the reports you wish to see (depending on role and department) to the column you wish it to be in

Step 5 - Click Save



You have successfully configured a Provost Desktop

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