iClicker: Transition from iClicker Classic to iClicker Cloud


The purpose of this article is to compare the differences between iClicker Classic and iClicker Cloud.   iClicker Classic is being retired in August, 2023 and is being replaced by iClicker Cloud.  This article will list the differences and benefits of using iClicker Cloud.



iClicker Classic vs iClicker Cloud 

What's different and what's the same?

The basic functionality for using and running a polling session remains the same.   The benefit is that iClicker Cloud is web-based which allows the instructor to use it anywhere there is Internet connection and from any PC or MAC computer.  An instructor could use PC in the classroom and then from their office use a MAC to access their iClicker Cloud database.  The iClicker Cloud locally installed app is used to conduct polling sessions and as a quick access to the course in the browser.  All UNH classrooms have the iClicker Cloud local app installed.

iClicker Cloud uses the same integration with the Canvas courses which allows for the student roster and any grades to be synched between the two resources. The web-based course allows allows for editing individual grades before sending them to the Canvas gradebook.

Does the iClicker hardware change?

No, all the hardware (base stations and iClicker devices) stays the same. Even though iClicker Cloud is browser based, the iClicker base station is still required when faculty and students are using the iClicker remote devices.   When the faculty and all the students in that class are using the student mobile app for answering polling questions, then the base station is not required.  This was also true when using iClicker Classic.   The base station is the receiver when using iClicker remotes for answering questions.

What changes for students? 

The students can continue to use either a iClicker device or the mobile app for answering polling questions.  iClicker device registration no longer occurs in the Canvas course but instead registration of their iClicker device is done in the mobile app or in a browser.    This means students will need to add the iClicker mobile app but do not pay for it since they are only using an iClicker remote device.  We have also moved to using single sign-on (SSO) for the student mobile app starting the fall semester 2023.  This will ensure student iClicker registration is recognized in the iClicker Cloud course and the Canvas course.

Another benefit to iClicker cloud is when all students are using the mobile app, there are more question types such as Multiple answer, Target/Heat Map questions and text based questions for up to 140 characters. 

iClicker Classic iClicker Cloud
Requires installation on laptop or used from Flashdrive Cloud based application and accessed from local app
Student iClicker Device Registration in Canvas Student iClicker Device registration in Mobile App (not in the Canvas course)
Restricted to using either Windows PC or MAC  Can be accessed from either Windows PC or MAC
Only 1 instructor can be in the iClicker course Allows multiple faculty or TA's in the iClicker Cloud course
Allows Demographic questions No Demographic questions
Question types: Multiple choice, Alpha-numeric and Numeric Question types: Multiple choice, Alpha-numeric and Numeric
Gradebook can't be edited Gradebook can be edited in the cloud-based gradebook
No faculty login required  Faculty login required from the local app

Training sessions for iClicker Cloud can be found on the AT Training calendar.   If these session dates do not work for your schedule, use the iClicker Webform below to enter a training request with suggested dates.



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Need additional help?

If you need assistance with your iClicker device or iClicker student app, you can visit the IT support desk in the Dimond Library.

Fill out the iClicker webform with as much detail as possible or contact the Technology Help Desk on your local campus.


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