UNH iClicker: Downloading and Installing the Instructor iClicker Cloud App

Task: This article describes where and how to download and install the iClicker Cloud Instructor App and Creating an Account.



Go to:


and download iClicker Cloud for Windows or Mac as appropriate.

Note: The iClicker Cloud app is installed on all "Supertec" Classroom computers on the Durham Campus. If your classroom has a computer or computers, the App is already installed.


Click the downloaded MSI/DMG (PC/Mac) file and follow the setup directions to install the iClicker Cloud software on your computer. You must have administrator rights on your computer to complete this installation.

Creating an Account:

Do not enter your email, instead Sign in through your campus portal (found at the bottom of the initial screen).

iClicker Cloud Instructor Login Page

From there follow the instructions to sign in.

Always sign in through your campus portal.

iClicker Cloud Campus Selection

Need additional help?

If you need assistance with your iClicker device or mobile app, you can visit the IT support desk in the Dimond Library.

Fill out the iClicker webform with as much detail as possible or contact the Technology Help Desk on your local campus.

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