UNH iClicker: Syncing Your Roster With Canvas

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Task: This article describes how to setup and sync your iClicker Cloud roster with Canvas.


Navigate to your course settings on the iClicker Cloud Instructor Website. Remember to always and only sign-in using the Campus Portal!

Then select the Integrations tab. Canvas should be shown.

Then select Connect to Canvas.

The first time you go through this setup, you’ll see a notification that you need to authenticate with Canvas.

Click the Go To Canvas button.

  •     Now that your accounts are linked, you need to link your Canvas course to your iClicker Cloud course​
  •     From the list of your active Canvas courses, choose your course and then click the Next button at the bottom of the dialog to continue.

  •     If the Canvas course you selected has sections, you will be shown a list of sections to choose from​.
  •     You must select at least one section to continue. If your Canvas course does not have any sections, you won’t see this step at all.

Navigate to the "People" section of your course and click the "Sync Roster" button on the "Students" page to initiate the roster sync.

Students from your Canvas roster are associated to an iClicker account by matching account information in the two systems. If a match is found and the student hasn’t yet joined your iClicker course, that student will get automatically added to your iClicker roster and sent an email notification.

When roster sync is complete, a confirmation message is shown.

If some students from your roster did not sync, the dialog will appear as a summary showing a count of successful student syncs and a section describing action that you or your students may need to take to successfully sync the rest of your class.

  • If you need to take action to get some students to sync, use the "View Details" links to see which students need help and what they need to do to fix their situation​
  • Select some or all of the students in the list to send an email. The email explains that students can either edit their profile or create a new iClicker account so that they will sync with your course.​
  • Select the “Send me a copy of this email” setting to receive a copy of the email sent to students.​
  • The date that you last sent the student an email is shown in the table. You can only send an email to students once a day.


Training for the iClicker Cloud is conducted by Learning Design & Technology. Click here for the AT Training calendar to access the training calendar for current sessions or request a session. If you don't see a scheduled training, you can request a session by clicking on the course title.

You can stop by the Support Center on the 3rd floor of Dimond Library to request training or support on using your iClicker. You can also contact the IT Service Desk at (603) 862-4242 to inquire about iClickers.

Additional KB articles are available for both faculty and student functionality. iClicker: List of all Clicker articles for Faculty and Students

Need additional help?

If you need assistance with your iClicker device or mobile app, you can visit the IT support desk in the Dimond Library.

Fill out the iClicker webform with as much detail as possible or contact the Technology Help Desk on your local campus.

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