WISE Web Time Entry Updates for UTime

On June 28, 2019 we will be updating WISE to allow eligible benefits non-exempt (hourly) employees to code time against the new earn codes and leave types created for the UTime Leave Benefit Program.

Note:  UTime benefits do not apply to Post Docs or employees covered by a Collective Bargaining Agreement.

Benefits eligible exempt employees go to WISE Leave Reporting Updates for UTime for information about Leave Report updates for UTime.


Time Sheet Updates
WISE > Employee > Time Sheet

The new codes are as follows:

U10-Personal Time
U11-Sick Time
U12-Family Care
U13-Community Service
U15-Jury Duty
U18-Military Leave

... and 520-Earned Time Use is still available for you to use your existing Earned Time balance.

Earn codes on time sheets have been re-ordered so please be sure to select the correct code.

Go to UTime for more detailed information about the UTime program.


Leave Balances Updates
WISE > Employee > Leave Balances

The new leave types are as follows:

Community Service
Compensatory Time
Jury Duty
Personal Time
Sick Time
Short Term Military Leave

... and if you have an Earned Time balance, the Earned Time leave type will continue to display to track your usage.

Go to UTime for more detailed information about the UTime program.


Retired Leave Types

MINU - Minimum Usage and SKPL - Sick Pool are not part of the UTime program but these leave types will remain available so you can review the associated leave history.

SKPL - Sick Pool was converted to Earned Time by dividing the Sick Pool balance by 3 and adding it to the  Earned Time balance.

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