Canvas: Assignments for rotational class schedule


This article explains how to have multiple due dates in an assignment.



Task: The assignment tool can be used for in-class or file upload type assessments.  For rotational class schedules (students meet at different days/times), an assignment can have multiple due dates and assigned to individual or groups of students or course sections.



In the Canvas course, create the Assignment. Select the option for the Submission Type that matches the assessment expectation. In the Assign To field, the default is that all students will be assigned to the assignment.  You can can setup multiple due dates and assign those dates in the Assign to field to specific student names, student group or course section.  To add additional dates use the +Add to create another Assign to field and enter the date and student/s.

Students only see the assignments that have been assigned to them.

Additional Information:

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Users should be able to use the assignment tool in Canvas for in-class or file upload type assignments.

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