UNH Wireless: eduroam Manual TLS Certificate Configuration


This article provides information on manually configuring a device to connect to UNH Wireless - eduroam.



This article provides information on manually configuring a device to connect to UNH Wireless - eduroam.



Task: To manually configure your device for UNH Wireless - eduroam.


In certain scenarios, the Cloudpath applet is not able to automatically configure a device for UNH Wireless - eduroam. In such cases, manual configuration of the device may be required. After following steps 1-4 in the UNH Wireless: eduroam TLS Certificate Configuration article, please follow the below instructions to manually configure your device.



Step 1 - Open a Web browser and navigate to https://wifi.usnh.edu. On the installer package download screen, click the "Show all operating systems" link.


Step 2 - Click the "Other Operating System" box at the bottom of the page to expand the manual configuration steps and download links. 


Step 3 - Follow the steps precisely to download the necessary root CA, intermediate CA and personal certificates. Once the downloads are complete, follow the instructions in "Step 4: Configure Wi-Fi" to set the appropriate encryption and connection-specific parameters for your device. Once your certificate downloads are complete, you will notice the Client Certificate and Username fields change to <username>@cpuser.unh.edu. If you are prompted for a password for your personal certificate, please use your USNH account password.


Step 4 - Once you have configured your device, go into your computer's wireless configuration and select eduroam.



You are now connected to UNH Wireless - eduroam on your device.


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