USNH Endpoint Management Standards


This article provides additional information for established and approved USNH endpoint management standards and policies.



All equipment purchased with University funds, including grants, are USNH property and subject to USNH Policies concerning the Operation and Maintenance of Property. No personal funds shall be combined for the purchase of endpoints.  

For the most current version of the Cybersecurity Endpoint Management Standard, visit the USNH Cybersecurity Policies & Standards page and look in the “Device Management” Standards section.


Security and Compliance

Cybersecurity standards have been established to provide baseline configurations of endpoints and systems access requirements to mitigate risk to the individual, their data, and institution from cyber threats. 

USNH endpoints will usually be configured to authenticate using the end-user’s USNH Microsoft account into a non-administrator user profile (refer to the USNH Access Management standard). 

All endpoints will be configured to use USNH-approved management software to meet security compliance controls established by the USNH office of the Chief Information Security Officer (CISO). Windows devices are enrolled in Microsoft Intune and System Center Configuration Manager.  Apple Macs are enrolled in JAMF Pro. Both tools enforce patch compliance, security baselines, and timely software upgrades of standard USNH software packages.


Further Readings

USNH Cybersecurity Policies & Standards  

USNH Operation and Maintenance of Property 


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